Our Organization has Recently Celebrated its 20th Anniversary!!


It has been a great achievement and a proud moment for the management and its dedicated staff !!

Over the past two decades, our company has evolved, innovated, and persevered through challenges, guided by our commitment to excellence and dedication to our customers.

This anniversary was a testament to the hard work, dedication & loyalty of our team members towards the organization!!

Various customers, suppliers, service providers who witnessed to this journey.

By Celebrating of this significant achievement, we renew our commitment towards continuous improvement in Systems, Innovation, and Services in the coming years!!

Let us cheers together to our past, present, and future accomplishments!!

Techtrix Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has made a humble beginning by converting dream into reality. We have made a difference towards customer delight by providing quality services and working on long-term relationship. Through patience, dedication and hard work, Compare has established itself as a pioneer in IT solution provider business.

The Track Record :
Techtrix Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Has maintaining brand image from day of its establishment in terms of services & product. Solid backing of excellent workforce with experience Engineers & management which made us one of the leading company in IT solution provider in the market with maximum customer satisfaction & retention. At the beginning the Techtrix Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was focusing only on Pune region but with excellent effort the organization have their business all across the India with association of some leading brands of the country and able to hold the maximum latest product and services.

The People Advantage :
“The quality of our work depends on the quality of our people”. Our Core strength is the Experience and Expertise of our People. In competitive market the biggest strength is our people because we view our people as human asset rather than human capital. Capital depreciates while an asset is selectively chosen and grows in value as mature. We provide people a role based development program to ensure that they have the skills, knowledge, abilities and resiliency to execute their responsibility in ever changing environment.

The Focus on Customers :
“If we don’t take care of your customers, someone else will”. Our dream mission is to be known as, “the best service providers”. All our activities revolve around the nucleus, “Customer Satisfaction”. We are focused to, develop, adopt and deploy newer and better ways to serve. Being the friendly neighborhood people helps us to be flexible, open and always tuned to the requirements, constantly and consistently.
We Believe in…

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