VOC Monitor

VOC monitor in homes gives an indication the air you breathe is healthy.  The monitor is capable of checking the Volatile Organic Compound gases and also indicates the level of air quality in the room.

Following gases are checked for:

  • Carbon-dioxide CO2 (430 ppm – 3000 ppm)
  • Carbon-monoxide CO (0 ppm – 145 ppm)
  • Formaldehyde HCHO (0.01 ppm – 30 ppm)
  • Benzene C6H6 (0.1 ppm – 450 ppm)

Temperature and Humidity checking is included.  Concentration of gases shown on LCD in ppm (parts per million). Temperature can be shown in degree Celsius or Fahrenheit.  Humidity is shown on scale of %rH (relative humidity).

Air Quality limits indicator for Good, Normal, Poor and Alarm conditions:

CO2: Good (below 600 ppm), Normal (600 ppm – 1200 ppm), Poor (1200 ppm – 1800 ppm), Alarm (greater than 1800 ppm)

CO: Good (below 10 ppm), Normal (10 ppm –  50 ppm), Poor (50 ppm – 100 ppm), Alarm (greater than 100 ppm)

HCHO: Normal (below 0.1 ppm), Poor (0.1 ppm – 0.3 ppm), Alarm (greater than 0.3 ppm)

C6H6: Good (below 25 ppm), Normal (25 ppm – 50 ppm), Poor (50 ppm – 100 ppm), Alarm (greater than 100 ppm)

Temperature: 0-50 degree Celsius

Humidity: 20%rH – 90%rH

Operating voltage 12VDC @ 3Amps

This is a desktop / tabletop monitoring machine, meant only for indoor air quality monitoring purpose.  This unit should not be used in industrial environmental conditions, which are strong in alkali or acidic.

Wireless RF interface to pick up values on computer data logger.

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